We came to Scotland over 900 years ago and are still going strong.

From the distillery in Scotland to Highland Games in the New World... we are Clan Fraser.

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The Four Original Co-Founders of The Borders Distillery, home of Clan Fraser Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky . The smiles on their faces should tell us how good Clan Fraser Reserve really is  but maybe you should decide for yourself with your own taste test...or maybe two.

One of our Special Copper Stills with the unique skylights in the distillery. The first legal distillery in over 180 years in the Borders.  It's rumored that the Hogwart's Naming Hat design was taken from here

The Borders Distillery at Night, a landmark in the town of Hawick, works around the clock to produce the best that Scotland has to offer.
Thanks to The Three Stills Company for the photographs in this upper section.

Top View of our Special Pot Stills which give our products that wee bit extra. Once matured in a Charred Oak Cask for at least three years and one day, Scottish law allows us to call it Scotch Whisky. But after even more time, we can finally call it Clan Fraser Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky.

The Clan Fraser Tasting Table at the Elizabeth, Colorado Highland Games where the Clan was a mile high in the  Rocky Mountains.
Voted best Whisky over 16 others including some 12 yr old single malts.
Thanks to Sue for the photograph

Clan Fraser Members at Grandfather Mountain, NC
enjoying Clan Fraser Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky just before the Clan picnic.
The Reserve has been awarded the Peoples' Choice Award over 72 other entries including a 20 year old single malt by taste test.
Thanks to Paul for the photograph

Although not a Clan Fraser Reserve drinker, Henri, the Old English Sheepdog, is a proud member of Clan Fraser in Estes Park, CO at the Longs Peak Highland Games.  He was the "rock star" of the Main Street parade to the delight of the many spectators.
Thanks to Don for the photograph

Ian Fraser, with wit and charm, presented the Haggis to the delight of all at the GM Highland Games with a little help from Bobbie Burns. Naturally it tasted even better with Clan Fraser Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky.
Thanks to Clarke for the photograph

Kay had the honor of carrying the Clan Fraser Banner in the Main Street parade before over 5000 spectators. Her red hair and green eyes, together with Henri, the Old English Sheepdog, helped make Clan Fraser a standout in the two hour-long parade. 

Now a museum owned by the National Trust Of Scotland, Cairnbulg Castle is the ancestral home of Clan Fraser and one of the better preserved castles in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The interior has been re-created just as it was in days of yore.

Jaime Fraser makes a surprise appearance in the Rocky Mountains to the delight of camera toting ladies at the Festival. Through fictional characters, the Outlander television series has been a boon to all things Scottish.

The call of the pipes and drums is dear to the hearts and minds of all members of the Clan - whether Fraser or another. Your heart beats a little faster and all are reminded of the sense of belonging to the Clan.
Our thanks to the Pikes Peak Highlanders.

Our friend Colorado Don offered a toast to the 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath from his backyard with 14,000 foot tall Pikes Peak in the background. As he said, " We're all in this together. A wee dram of The Reserve won't hurt and may help!

Gone with the Wind!
The Celtic Festival & Games at Moab, Utah were fantastic! Until Saturday night when a mini-tornado with 70 mph winds tore through the festival grounds. Some of the tents and display items were found over a mile away. It took more than a few drams of Clan Fraser Reserve to make us smile after looking at all the damage.

Clan Fraser wins in Detroit!

Terese proudly accepts the Best Clan Award at the Detroit Highland Games. She stated that The Reserve "flowed".

The Honored Guest at our Wedding
Clan Fraser Reserve Scotch Whisky was featured in more than a few drams before and after the ceremony held September 11, 2021 at the Estes Park Celtic Festival.

Clarke & Sue ink the new contract with John Fordyce, Managing Director of The Borders Distillery, as exclusive importer and distributor of CFR in America!

Clarke & Sue
the Co-Owners of Locoworks LLC, the exclusive Importers & Distributors of Clan Fraser Reserve
Right after their Handfasting Ceremony in Estes Park, Colorado before 20,000 spectators.